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High Quality Research Materials

High Quality Research Materials

High Quality Research Materials

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: PUREAL
Certification: ISO, SGS, MSDS, COA
Model Number: PUREAL-Research Materials

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 package
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Customized
Delivery Time: As per order quantity
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: Steady
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Detailed Product Description

PUREAL supply high quality research materials:


AlSb Aluminium Antimonide

AlAs Aluminium Arsenide

AlB2 Aluminium Boride

AlBr3 Aluminium Bromide

Al4C3 Aluminium Carbide

AlCl3 Aluminium Chloride

AlF3 Aluminium Fluoride

AlI3 Aluminium Iodide

Al Aluminium Metal

AlN Aluminium Nitride

Al2O3 Aluminium Oxide

Al2Se3 Aluminium Selenide

Al2Te3 Aluminium Telluride

Al2(WO4)3 Aluminium Tungstate

NH4Br Ammonium Bromide

(NH4)2CO3 Ammonium Carbonate

NH4Cl Ammonium Chloride

NH4F Ammonium Fluoride

NH4I Ammonium Iodide

(NH4)6Mo7O24-4H2O Ammonium Molybdate

NH4ReO4 Ammonium Perrhenate

(NH4)TeO4 Ammonium Tellurate

(NH4)10W12O41 Ammonium Tungstate

NH4VO3 Ammonium Vanadate

SbBr3 Antimony Bromide

SbCl5 Antimony Chloride

SbCl3 Antimony Chloride

SbF5 Antimony Fluoride

SbF3 Antimony Fluoride

SbI3 Antimony Iodide

Sb Antimony Metal

Sb2O5 Antimony Oxide

Sb2O3 Antimony Oxide

Sb2Se3 Antimony Selenide

Sb2S3 Antimony Sulphide

AsBr3 Arsenic Bromide

AsI3 Arsenic Iodide

As2Se3 Arsenic Selenide

As2S3 Arsenic Sulphide

As2Te3 Arsenic Telluride

Ba3Sb2 Barium Antimonide

Ba3As2 Barium Arsenide

BaB6 Barium Boride

BaBr2 Barium Bromide

BaCO3 Barium Carbonate

BaCl2 Barium Chloride

BaF2 Barium Fluoride

BaI2 Barium Iodide

Ba Barium Metal

BaMoO4 Barium Molybdate

Ba3N2 Barium Nitride

BaO Barium Oxide

BaSe Barium Selenide

BaSi2 Barium Silicide

BaS Barium Sulphide

BaTe Barium Telluride

BaWO4 Barium Tungstate

Ba3(VO4)2 Barium Vanadate

BiBr3 Bismuth Bromide

BiCl3 Bismuth Chloride

BiF3 Bismuth Fluoride

BiI3 Bismuth Iodide

Bi Bismuth Metal

Bi2Mo3O12 Bismuth Molybdate

Bi2O3 Bismuth Oxide

Bi2S3 Bismuth Sulphide

Bi2(WO4)3 Bismuth Tungstate

BiVO4 Bismuth Vanadate

B4C Boron Carbide

BI3 Boron Iodide

BN Boron Nitride

B6Si Boron Silicide

B4Si Boron Silicide

Cd3Sb2 Cadmium Antimonide

Cd3As2 Cadmium Arsenide

CdI2 Cadmium Iodide

Cd Cadmium Metal

CdMoO4 Cadmium Molybdate

Cd2Nb2O7 Cadmium Niobate

CdSe Cadmium Selenide

CdS Cadmium Sulphide

CdTe Cadmium Telluride

CaAl2O4 Calcium Aluminate

CaBr2-xH2O Calcium Bromide

CaCo3 Calcium Carbonate

CaF2 Calcium Fluoride

CaI2 Calcium Iodide

CaLa2S4 Calcium Lanthanum Sulphide

CaMoO4 Calcium Molybdate

Ca3N2 Calcium Nitride

CaO Calcium Oxide

CaSi2 Calcium Silicide

CaSi Calcium Silicide

CaWO4 Calcium Tungstate

(NH4)Ce(NO3)6 Ceric Ammonium Nitrate

CeB6 Cerium Boride

CeBr3 Cerium Bromide

Ce2(CO3)3 XH2O Cerium Carbonate

CeCl3 Cerium Chloride

CeCl3-XH2O (x-6) Cerium Chloride

NA Cerium Concentrate

CeF3 Cerium Fluoride

CeO(OH)2 Cerium Hydroxide

CeI3 Cerium Iodide

Ce Cerium Metal

NA Cerium Mischmetal

CeO2 Cerium Oxide

CeSi2 Cerium Silicide

Ce(SO4)2.nH2O Cerium Sulphate

Ce2 S3 Cerium Sulphide

Ce2(WO4)3 Cerium Tungstate

CeVO4 Cerium Vanadate

CsC2H3O2 Cesium Acetate

CsBr Cesium Bromide

CS2CO3 Cesium Carbonate

CsCl Cesium Chloride

CsF Cesium Fluoride

CsOH-xH2O Cesium Hydroxide

CsI Cesium Iodide

Cs2MoO4 Cesium Molybdate

CsNbO3 Cesium Niobate

CsNO3 Cesium Nitrate

Cs2SO4 Cesium Sulphate

Cs2WO4 Cesium Tungstate

CsVO3 Cesium Vanadate

CrSb Chromium Antimonide

Cr2As Chromium Arsenide

CrB2 Chromium Boride

CrBr3 Chromium Bromide

Cr23C6 Chromium Carbide

Cr7C3 Chromium Carbide

Cr3C2 Chromium Carbide

CrF3 Chromium Fluoride

Cr Chromium Metal

Cr2N Chromium Nitride

Cr2O3 Chromium Oxide

CrP Chromium Phosphide

CrSe Chromium Selenide

CrSi2 Chromium Silicide

Cr2S3 Chromium Sulphide

Cr2Te3 Chromium Telluride

Co2B-Co3B Cobalt Boride

CoBr2 Cobalt Bromide

CoF3 Cobalt Fluoride

CoF2 Cobalt Fluoride

CoI2 Cobalt Iodide

Co Cobalt Metal

CoMoO4 Cobalt Molybdate

Co3O4 Cobalt Oxide

CoO Cobalt Oxide

Co2P Cobalt Phosphide

CoSe Cobalt Selenide

CoS2 Cobalt Sulphide

CoS Cobalt Sulphide

CoTe Cobalt Telluride

CoWO2 Cobalt Tungstate

CuAl2O4 Copper Aluminate

CuBr2 Copper Bromide

CuBr Copper Bromide

CuCl2 Copper Chloride

CuCl Copper Chloride

CuF2 Copper Fluoride

CuI Copper Iodide

Cu Copper Metal

Cu(NO3)2-xH2O Copper Nitrate

Cu2O Copper Oxide

CuO Copper Oxide

Cu2Se Copper Selenide

CuSe Copper Selenide

Cu5Si Copper Silicide

CuSO4-5H2O Copper Sulphate

CuS Copper Sulphide

Cu2S Copper Sulphide

Cu2Te Copper Telluride

CuTe Copper Telluride

CuWO4 Copper Tungstate

CuV2O6 Copper Vanadate

C Diamond Powder

DyB6 Dysprosium Boride

DyB4 Dysprosium Boride

DyBr3 Dysprosium Bromide

DyCl3 Dysprosium Chloride

DyCl3-xH2O(x~6) Dysprosium Chloride

DyF3 Dysprosium Fluoride

DyI3 Dysprosium Iodide

Dy Dysprosium Metal

DyNi2 Dysprosium Nickelide

DyN Dysprosium Nitride

Dy2O3 Dysprosium Oxide

Dy2S3 Dysprosium Sulphide

Dy2Te3 Dysprosium Telluride

ErBr3 Erbium Bromide

ErCl3 Erbium Chloride

ErCl3-xH2O(x~6) Erbium Chloride

ErF3 Erbium Fluoride

ErI3 Erbium Iodide

Er Erbium Metal

ErN Erbium Nitride

Er2O3 Erbium Oxide

Er2S3 Erbium Sulphide

EuB6 Europium Boride

EuCl3 Europium Chloride

EuCl3-xH2O (x~6) Europium Chloride

EuF3 Europium Fluoride

EuF2 Europium Fluoride

Eu Europium Metal

EuN Europium Nitride

Eu2O3 Europium Oxide

EuSi2 Europium Silicide

EuS Europium Sulphide

EuTe Europium Telluride

GdCl3 Gadolinium Chloride

GdCl3-xH2O (x~6) Gadolinium Chloride

GdF3 Gadolinium Fluoride

Gd3Ga5O12 Gadolinium Gallium Oxide

Gd Gadolinium Metal

Gd(NO3)3.XH2O (X~6) Gadolinium Nitrate

GdN Gadolinium Nitride

Gd2O3 Gadolinium Oxide

GdSi2 Gadolinium Silicide

Gd2S3 Gadolinium Sulphide

GaSb Gallium Antimonide

GaAs Gallium Arsenide

GaBr3 Gallium Bromide

GaCl3 Gallium Chloride

GaF3 Gallium Fluoride

GaF3-3H2O Gallium Fluoride

GaI3 Gallium Iodide

Ga Gallium Metal

GaN Gallium Nitride

Ga2O3 Gallium Oxide

Ga2Se3 Gallium Selenide

Ga2Te3 Gallium Telluride

GaTe Gallium Telluride

GeBr4 Germanium Bromide

GeCl4 Germanium Chloride

GeO2 Germanium Dioxide

Ge Germanium Metal

GeSe Germanium Selenide

GeSe2 Germanium Selenide

AuCl3 Gold Chloride

Au Gold Metal

Au2O3 Gold Oxide

HfB2 Hafnium Boride

HfBr4 Hafnium Bromide

HfC Hafnium Carbide

HfCl4 Hafnium Chloride

HfF4 Hafnium Fluoride

HfI4 Hafnium Iodide

Hf Hafnium Metal

HfO2 Hafnium Oxide

HfSe2 Hafnium Selenide

HfSi2 Hafnium Silicide

HfTe2 Hafnium Telluride

HoB4 Holmium Boride

HoBr3 Holmium Bromide

HoCl3 Holmium Chloride

HoCl3-xH2O (x~6) Holmium Chloride

HoF3 Holmium Fluoride

HoI3 Holmium Iodide

Ho Holmium Metal

HoN Holmium Nitride

Ho2O3 Holmium Oxide

HoSi2 Holmium Silicide

Ho2S3 Holmium Sulphide

InSb Indium Antimonide

InAs Indium Arsenide

InCl3 Indium Chloride

InF3 Indium Fluoride

In(OH)3 Indium Hydroxide

InI Indium Iodide

In Indium Metal

In(NO3)3-xH2O Indium Nitrate

InN Indium Nitride

In2O3 Indium Oxide

InP Indium Phosphide

In2(SO4)3 Indium Sulphate

In2Te3 Indium Telluride

I2 Iodine

I2O5 Iodine Oxide

IrCl3 Iridium Chloride

Ir Iridium Metal

Fe3Sb2 Iron Antimonide

FeSb Iron Antimonide

FeSb2 Iron Antimonide

FeAs2 Iron Arsenide

Fe2As Iron Arsenide

FeAs Iron Arsenide

Fe2B Iron Boride

FeB Iron Boride

FeBr2 Iron Bromide

FeCl3 Iron Chloride

FeCl2-xH2O (x~4) Iron Chloride

FeCl2 Iron Chloride

FeI2 Iron Iodide

Fe Iron Metal

FexN (x = 2-4) Iron Nitride

Fe3O4 Iron Oxide

Fe2O3 Iron Oxide

FeO Iron Oxide

Fe3P Iron Phosphide

Fe2P Iron Phosphide

FeP Iron Phosphide

FeSe Iron Selenide

FeSi2 Iron Silicide

FeSi Iron Silicide

FeS Iron Sulphide

FeTe2 Iron Telluride

LaAlO3 Lanthanum Aluminate

LaB6 Lanthanum Boride

LaBr3 Lanthanum Bromide

LaC2 Lanthanum Carbide

La2(CO3)3 xH2O Lanthanum Carbonate

LaCl3 Lanthanum Chloride

LaCl3.7H2O Lanthanum Chloride

LaF3 Lanthanum Fluoride

La(OH)3 Lanthanum Hydroxide

LaI3 Lanthanum Iodide

La Lanthanum Metal

x Lanthanum Mischmetal

LaNi5 Lanthanum Nickel

La(NO3)3 Lanthanum Nitrate

LaN Lanthanum Nitride

La2O3 Lanthanum Oxide

La2O2S Lanthanum Oxysulphide

LaS2 Lanthanum Sulphide

La2S3 Lanthanum Sulphide

PbBr2 Lead Bromide

~2PbCO3-Pb(OH)2 Lead Carbonate

PbCl2 Lead Chloride

PbF2 Lead Fluoride

PbI2 Lead Iodide

PbMoO4 Lead Molybdate

PbNb2O6 Lead Niobate

Pb3O4 Lead Oxide

PbO Lead Oxide

PbSe Lead Selenide

PbTe Lead Telluride

PbWO4 Lead Tungstate

Li2B4O7 Lithium Borate

LiBO2 Lithium Borate

LiBr Lithium Bromide

Li2CO3 Lithium Carbonate

LiCl Lithium Chloride

LiF Lithium Fluoride

LiOH Lithium Hydroxide

Lil Lithium Iodide

Li Lithium Metal

Li2MoO4 Lithium Molybdate

LiNbO3 Lithium Niobate

Li3N Lithium Nitride

Li2O Lithium Oxide

Li2S Lithium Sulphide

LiTaO3 Lithium Tantalate

Li2WO4 Lithium Tungstate

LiVO3 Lithium Vanadate

LuB4 Lutetium Boride

LuCl3 Lutetium Chloride

LuCl3-xH2O (x~6) Lutetium Chloride

LuF3 Lutetium Fluoride

Lu Lutetium Metal

LuN Lutetium Nitride

Lu2O3 Lutetium Oxide

LuSi2 Lutetium Silicide

Lu2S3 Lutetium Sulphide

Lu2Te3 Lutetium Telluride

Mg3Sb2 Magnesium Antimonide

Mg3As2 Magnesium Arsenide

MgB2 Magnesium Boride

MgBr2 Magnesium Bromide

MgCl2 Magnesium Chloride

MgF2 Magnesium Fluoride

Mg Magnesium Metal

MgMoO4 Magnesium Molybdate

MgNb2O6 Magnesium Niobate

Mg3N2 Magnesium Nitride

Mg2SiO4 Magnesium Silicate

Mg2Si Magnesium Silicide

MgSO4 Magnesium Sulphate

MgWO4 Magnesium Tungstate

MgV2O6 Magnesium Vanadate

MnAl3 Manganese Aluminide

Mn2Sb Manganese Antimonide

MnSb Manganese Antimonide

MnB2 Manganese Boride

MnBr2 Manganese Bromide

Mn23C6 Manganese Carbide

Mn3C-Mn5C2 Manganese Carbide

MnCO3 Manganese Carbonate

MnCl2 Manganese Chloride

MnF3 Manganese Fluoride

MnI2 Manganese Iodide

Mn Manganese Metal

MnMoO4 Manganese Molybdate

MnNb2O6 Manganese Niobate

MnxN (x = 2-4) Manganese Nitride

Mn3O4 Manganese Oxide

Mn2O3 Manganese Oxide

MnO2 Manganese Oxide

MnO Manganese Oxide

Mn3P2 Manganese Phosphide

MnSe Manganese Selenide

MnSi2 Manganese Silicide

MnTe2 Manganese Telluride

MnTe Manganese Telluride

MnWO4 Manganese Tungstate

HgBr2 Mercury Bromide

HgCl2 Mercury Chloride

HgI2 Mercury Iodide

Hg Mercury Metal

x Mixed Rare Earth Carbonate

x Mixed Rare Earth Chloride

X Mixed Rare Earth Oxide

Mo3Al Molybdenum Aluminide

Mo2B5 Molybdenum Boride

Mo2B Molybdenum Boride

MoBr3 Molybdenum Bromide

Mo2C Molybdenum Carbide

MoCl5 Molybdenum Chloride

MoCl3 Molybdenum Chloride

MoCl2 Molybdenum Chloride

MoF6 Molybdenum Fluoride

Mo Molybdenum Metal

Mo2N+MoN Molybdenum Nitride

MoO2 Molybdenum Oxide

MoO3 Molybdenum Oxide

MoP Molybdenum Phosphide

MoSe2 Molybdenum Selenide

MoSi3 Molybdenum Silicide

MoSi2 Molybdenum Silicide

MoS2 Molybdenum Sulphide

MoTe2 Molybdenum Telluride

NdBr3 Neodymium Bromide

Nd2(CO3)3 XH2O Neodymium Carbonate

NdCl3 Neodymium Chloride

NdCl3-xH2O (x~6) Neodymium Chloride

NdF3 Neodymium Fluoride

NdGaO3 Neodymium Gallate

NdI3 Neodymium Iodide

Nd Neodymium Metal

Nd(NO3)3+6H2O Neodymium Nitrate

NdN Neodymium Nitride

Nd2O3 Neodymium Oxide

Ndsi2 Neodymium Silicide

Nd2S3 Neodymium Sulphide

Nd2Te3 Neodymium Telluride

NiAl3 Nickel Aluminide

Ni3Sb Nickel Antimonide

NiSb Nickel Antimonide

NiAs2 Nickel Arsenide

NiAs Nickel Arsenide

NiB Nickel Boride

NiBr2 Nickel Bromide

NiCO3 Nickel Carbonate

NiCl2 Nickel Chloride

NiF2 Nickel Fluoride

NiI2 Nickel Iodide

Ni Nickel Metal

NiO Nickel Oxide

Ni2P Nickel Phosphide

NiSe Nickel Selenide

NiSi2 Nickel Silicide

Ni2Si Nickel Silicide

NiS Nickel Sulphide

NiTe Nickel Telluride

NiWO4 Nickel Tungstate

NbAl3 Niobium Aluminide

Nb3Al Niobium Aluminide

NbB2 Niobium Boride

NbB Niobium Boride

NbBr5 Niobium Bromide

Nb2C Niobium Carbide

NbC Niobium Carbide

NbCl5 Niobium Chloride

NbF5 Niobium Fluoride

Nb Niobium Metal

NbN Niobium Nitride

NbO2 Niobium Oxide

NbO Niobium Oxide

Nb2O5 Niobium Oxide

NbP Niobium Phosphide

NbSe2 Niobium Selenide

NbSn2 Niobium Stannide

PdCl2 Palladium Chloride

Pd Palladium Metal

PdO Palladium Oxide

P Phosphorus

PBr5 Phosphorus Bromide

PCl3 Phosphorus Chloride

P2O5 Phosphorus Oxide

PtCl2 Platinum Chloride

Pt Platinum Metal

PtO2-xH2P Platinum Oxide

K2B4O7.xH2O Potassium Borate

KBr Potassium Bromide

KCl Potassium Chloride

KF Potassium Fluoride

KI Potassium Iodide

K Potassium Metal

K2MoO4 Potassium Molybdate

KNbO3 Potassium Niobate

KReO4 Potassium Perhennate

K2WO4 Potassium Tungstate

K2VO4 Potassium Vanadate

KVO3 Potassium Vanadate

PrB6 Praseodymium Boride

PrCl3 Praseodymium Chloride

PrF3 Praseodymium Fluoride

Pr Praseodymium Metal

Pr(NO3)3 Praseodymium Nitrate

PrN Praseodymium Nitride

Pr6O11 Praseodymium Oxide

Pr2O3 Praseodymium Oxide

PrSi2 Praseodymium Silicide

Pr-Te Praseodymium Telluride

Re-B Rhenium Boride

ReCl4 Rhenium Chloride

ReCl3 Rhenium Chloride

ReI3 Rhenium Iodide

Re Rhenium Metal

ReO2 Rhenium Oxide

Re2O7 Rhenium Oxide

ReSi2 Rhenium Silicide

ReS2 Rhenium Sulphide

ReTe2 Rhenium Telluride

Rh Rhodium Metal

RbC2H3O2 Rubidium Acetate

RbBr Rubidium Bromide

Rb2CO3 Rubidium Carbonate

RbCl Rubidium Chloride

RbF Rubidium Fluoride

RbOH-xH2O Rubidium Hydroxide

RbI Rubidium Iodide

Rb Rubidium Metal

Rb2MoO4 Rubidium Molybdate

RbNbO3 Rubidium Niobate

Rb2WO4 Rubidium Tungstate

Rb4V2O7 Rubidium Vanadate

RbVO3 Rubidium Vanadate

RuCl3 Ruthenium Chloride

Ru Ruthenium Metal

SmB6 Samarium Boride

SmBr3 Samarium Bromide

SmCl3 Samarium Chloride

SmCl3-xH2O Samarium Chloride

SmF3 Samarium Fluoride

SmIx Samarium Iodide

Sm Samarium Metal

Sm2O3 Samarium Oxide

Sm2Te3 Samarium Telluride

ScB2 Scandium Boride

ScCl3 Scandium Chloride

ScF3 Scandium Fluoride

ScI3 Scandium Iodide

Sc Scandium Metal

Sc2O3 Scandium Oxide

Se2Br4 Selenium Bromide

Se2Br2 Selenium Bromide

SeCl4 Selenium Chloride

Se Selenium Metal

SeO2 Selenium Oxide

SeOCl2 Selenium Oxychloride

SiC Silicon Carbide

SiO2 Silicon Dioxide

SiI4 Silicon Iodide

Si Silicon Metal

Si3N4 Silicon Nitride

AgBr Silver Bromide

AgCl Silver Chloride

AgF Silver Fluoride

AgI Silver Iodide

Ag Silver Metal

AgNO3 Silver Nitrate

Ag2O Silver Oxide

Ag2S Silver Sulphide

Na2CO3 Sodium Carbonate

NaCl Sodium Chloride

NaF Sodium Fluoride

NaI Sodium Iodide

Na Sodium Metal

Na2MoO4 Sodium Molybdate

NaNbO3 Sodium Niobate

Na2Se Sodium Selenide

Na2Te Sodium Telluride

Na2WO4 Sodium Tungstate

Na3VO4 Sodium Vanadate

NaVO3 Sodium Vanadate

SrBr2 Strontium Bromide

SrCO3 Strontium Carbonate

SrCl2 Strontium Chloride

SrF2 Strontium Fluoride

Sr Strontium Metal

SrMoO4 Strontium Molybdate

SrNb2O6 Strontium Niobate

Sr(NO3)2 Strontium Nitrate

SrO Strontium Oxide

SrSe Strontium Selenide

SrS Strontium Sulphide

SrTe Strontium Telluride

SrWO4 Strontium Tungstate

S Sulphur

TaAl3 Tantalum Aluminide

Ta3Al Tantalum Aluminide

TaB Tantalum Boride

TaBr5 Tantalum Bromide

TaC Tantalum Carbide

Ta2C Tantalum Carbide

TaCl5 Tantalum Chloride

Ta Tantalum Metal

TaN Tantalum Nitride

Ta2O5 Tantalum Oxide

TaP Tantalum Phosphide

TaSi2 Tantalum Silicide

Ta5Si3 Tantalum Silicide

H6TeO6 Telluric Acid

TeBr4 Tellurium Bromide

TeCl4 Tellurium Chloride

TeI4 Tellurium Iodide

Te Tellurium Metal

TeO2 Tellurium Oxide

TbB6 Terbium Boride

TbCl3 Terbium Chloride

TbF3 Terbium Fluoride

TbI3 Terbium Iodide

Tb Terbium Metal

TbN Terbium Nitride

Tb4O7 Terbium Oxide

Tb2S3 Terbium Sulphide

ThF4 Thorium Fluoride

Th(NO3)4-4H2O Thorium Nitrate

ThO2 Thorium Oxide

TmB4 Thulium Boride

TmBr3 Thulium Bromide

TmCl3 Thulium Chloride

TmF3 Thulium Fluoride

TmI3 Thulium Iodide

Tm Thulium Metal

TmN Thulium Nitride

Tm3Si5 Thulium Silicide

Tm2S3 Thulium Sulphide

SnSb Tin Antimonide

SnBr2 Tin Bromide

SnCl2 Tin Chloride

SnCl4 Tin Chloride

SnF2 Tin Fluoride

SnF4 Tin Fluoride

SnI2 Tin Iodide

Sn Tin Metal

SnO Tin Oxide

SnO2 Tin Oxide

SnP Tin Phosphide

SnSe Tin Selenide

SnTe Tin Telluride

TiAl3 Titanium Aluminide

Ti3Al Titanium Aluminide

TiB2 Titanium Boride

TiC Titanium Carbide

TiF4 Titanium Fluoride

TiF3 Titanium Fluoride

TiI4 Titanium Iodide

Ti Titanium Metal

TiN Titanium Nitride

TiO Titanium Oxide

TiO2 Titanium Oxide

Ti2O3 Titanium Oxide

Ti3O5 Titanium Oxide

TiP Titanium Phosphide

TiSi2 Titanium Silicide

Ti5Si3 Titanium Silicide

TiS2 Titanium Sulphide

WB Tungsten Boride

W2B Tungsten Boride

W2B5 Tungsten Boride

WC Tungsten Carbide

W2C Tungsten Carbide

W Tungsten Metal

WO2.9 Tungsten Oxide

WO3 Tungsten Oxide

WP Tungsten Phosphide

WSe2 Tungsten Selenide

WSi2 Tungsten Silicide

W5Si3 Tungsten Silicide

WS2 Tungsten Sulphide

UO3 Uranium Oxide

VB Vanadium Boride

VBr3 Vanadium Bromide

VC Vanadium Carbide

VCl3 Vanadium Chloride

VF3 Vanadium Fluoride

VF4 Vanadium Fluoride

VI2 Vanadium Iodide

V Vanadium Metal

VN Vanadium Nitride

VO Vanadium Oxide

VO2 Vanadium Oxide

V2O3 Vanadium Oxide

V2O5 Vanadium Oxide

VOSO4xH2O Vanadyl Sulphate

YbB6 Ytterbium Boride

YbBr3 Ytterbium Bromide

YbCl3 Ytterbium Chloride

YbF3 Ytterbium Fluoride

Yb Ytterbium Metal

YbN Ytterbium Nitride

Yb2O3 Ytterbium Oxide

Yb3Si5 Ytterbium Silicide

Y3Al5O12 Yttrium Aluminium Oxide

YBr3 Yttrium Bromide

YC2 Yttrium Carbide

YCl3 Yttrium Chloride

Y3Fe5O12 Yttrium Ferrite

YF3 Yttrium Fluoride

YI3 Yttrium Iodide

Y Yttrium Metal

Y(NO3)3x5H2O Yttrium Nitrate

YN Yttrium Nitride

Y2O3 Yttrium Oxide

Y2S3 Yttrium Sulphide

Y2Te3 Yttrium Telluride

ZnSb Zinc Antimonide

Zn3As2 Zinc Arsenide

ZnAs2 Zinc Arsenide

ZnBr2 Zinc Bromide

ZnCl2 Zinc Chloride

ZnF2 Zinc Fluoride

ZnI2 Zinc Iodide

Zn Zinc Metal

Zn3N2 Zinc Nitride

ZnO Zinc Oxide

Zn3P2 Zinc Phosphide

ZnSe Zinc Selenide

ZnS Zinc Sulphide

ZnTe Zinc Telluride

ZrAl3 Zirconium Aluminide

ZrB2 Zirconium Boride

ZrB12 Zirconium Boride

ZrBr4 Zirconium Bromide

ZrC Zirconium Carbide

ZrI4 Zirconium Iodide

Zr Zirconium Metal

ZrP Zirconium Phosphide

ZrSe2 Zirconium Selenide

ZrTe2 Zirconium Telluride

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